Welcome to my Blog

Call me macross…   ha ha ha
it’s a science fictional movie I watch when I was a kid
and it’s move my feeling so I become of what I am now
because of that movie i was in pursuit of science,and  I think I am in love of science (well of course I love my God and family first), Like soekarno always said “Give me 1,000 Old man and I will pulled out mount semeru from its place, and Give me 10 youth and I will Shake the World”

I made this blog because I believe in something, that all science must be free and in return science also make things cheap and almost free (I believe in the possibility all things will be free in time), but sometimes a pursuit in science that means a costly one. therefore I was hoping for collaborative research or something like that to reduce that cost. I hope with this blog I can give you something to sharpen your skill and  you will give some insight to help me with my research

this blog is a collection of all my collaborative research with all of my colleagues. I hope you can find something inside.

One last word Please enjoy it….

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